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Adult Martial Arts Program

The Monroe Martial Arts and Fitness Adult Martial Arts program is going to give you ALL the body-toning tools to chisel out a whole new you!

Whether this is your first stab at Martial Arts, or whether you're an old hat, our pro-instructors will engage you in a focused, customized self defense plan built around your individual needs.

Best Martial Arts Workout In Monroe!

Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to master self-defense as you get ripped from the very best instructors in the entire state! We've hand-picked the best Black Belt instructors who make it easy for you to learn and master the martial arts.

Sure, you've probably tried some typical exercise plans before, but like most people you could never stick with them, right? Well say goodbye to all those old-school programs and unused exercise equipment!


Monroe Martial Arts and Fitness is anything but typical...

Our instructors will have you kicking, punching, chopping and jumping your way to the body you've always wanted.

Plus, while you're enjoying a vigorous fitness program, you'll learn all the critical elements of a powerful self-defense program for adults. You'll be having so much fun, you won't even realize you're gaining the skills that could save your life!

In our Adult Martial Arts Classes, you'll master centuries-old legendary techniques that are based on biomechanics, muscles, tendons and ligaments that work together for total strength and flexibility.

Free self-defense seminars keep you safe at home and away.

As a martial arts for self-defense center, our main goal is to help you avoid dangerous situations. Through the ages, martial arts masters have taught the virtues of non-confrontation. It is only in the true spirit of self-defense that the masters advocate the use of necessary force.

The approach of first avoiding confrontation is at the heart of our Martial Arts program and FREE self-defense seminars offered.

Benefits of Adult Program
  • Heightened energy levels

  • Improved confidence and self-esteem

  • Less feelings of stress and anxiety

  • Better ability to cope and handle stressful situations

  • Improved heart rate and lower blood pressure

  • Preventive awareness to avoid a personal attack

  • Non-combative tactics

  • Overview of various self-defense weapons

  • Training in the use of unconventional weapons

  • Instruction in how to apply unarmed self defense techniques

  • Training to protect against armed assailants and multiple opponents

  • Managing physical and psychological factors associated with a conflict


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