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Monroe Martial Arts Family Program

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Monroe Martial Arts is one of the best activities you can do with your family.

There are very few activities that you can participate along with your child.


While other organized sports like baseball, soccer, dance etc. have a value, the parents
are not allowed to do them with the children and most just sit there and watch.


Having raised six children now ages 23-40 who have earned ranking between 1st and
4th degree black belt, I speak from personal experience.

Their mother and I trained with our children. This brought us closer as a family and
helped us to stay in martial arts when things got difficult.

When it was time to go to class it wasn’t “you must go”, it was “Let’s go”.

This made all the difference.

We were not expecting our children to do something that we weren’t willing to do ourselves.

This is what leaders do, they lead from the front.

Getting a Black Belt is not easy, in fact, worldwide only one in 10,000 people who start martial arts stick with it and achieve one.

Everybody at one time or another feels like quitting. Having your sibling, parents and children involved gives you the motivation to keep going.

I cannot think of any other activities (except maybe scouts or church) that stress the
values that martial arts do.

The Black Belt tenets stress courtesy, kindness and compassion for everyone and everything.

Of course, we teach the verbal and mental skills to avoid violence if possible, but we
also know that sometimes in the real world more than that is needed.

We teach the natural weapons that the human body has and how to attack the weaknesses we all have.

Not to beat someone up or to teach anyone a lesson, but to survive doing the least
harm as possible.

It is a human right to defend yourself and no one has the right to punch, kick or touch
you if you do not want them to.

We also realize that other things in life are harmful too. So, we learn about the dangers
of overeating, alcohol, tobacco and other things that can kill.

Many parents tell me that they would feel silly starting martial arts as an adult and are worried that they will look ridiculous.

 I then ask them to look at one of the mothers or fathers on the mats and ask them
what they think about them.

They usually say “Man, they are brave”. I then ask them, “what then do you think people will say about you”?

Look, people need to exercise.

That’s just a fact if you want to be healthy.

Why not do something that you and your family can do together? Something that will bring you closer.

I guarantee that your children will be as proud of you as you are of them when you
fight the bag or break some boards.

I know it is hard starting a new activity as an adult, especially something like martial arts.

I didn’t start my formal training till I was almost 30 years old myself.

Now at 62, I am a 5th degree Black Belt, own the academy and teach and train with my Granddaughters.

In our system Kaizen we understand that people are all ages, shapes and sizes.

Some may, also have physical limitations. We can modify things for you.

We will never expect you to do something that will injure or harm you. You are not in
any kind of competition with anyone but yourself.

I guarantee if you try it you will like it. If you want to know more come and see me and
ask about our special family programs and prices.

Dwight Werner

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