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  • Had our first visit yesterday and what an amazing group of folks. I know my daughter will be so accepted here, and I feel they are going to work hard getting her self esteem raised.
    -Glenda W

  • The instructors are well trained and eager to help each student achieve their goals. Whether you start at 4 or 40 years of age, they have a class for you. I have used the classes to develop a new skills, as well as, self defense techniques that empower me to protect myself and my children. The equipment is state of the art and has something for everyone. I look forward to classes each week. It is place for the whole family.

    - Grace B


  • My kids have been apart of Monroe Martial Arts for over a year. I have nothing but good things to say. Everyone is so friendly, and helpful. They teach you way more then just karate, self defense, respect, compassion, manners, physical fitness, self awareness, I could go on for day! Everyone is always so helpful! I appreciate everything this institution has done for my family!

    - Jaclyn W


  • My grandson and I both got black belts at Monroe Martial Arts.

    I was never able to stick with karate having attempted to it several times before.

    I found Monroe Martial Arts to be very motivating with a great atmosphere!

    It's great for families or persons who would like to be able to defend themselves well!

    - Randy G


  • Great school highly recommend it

    for you and family to train.

    - Ibraham G


  • Monroe martial arts is amazing! My son was a very shy timid 4 and a half year old when he started. After 6 months he was a totally different kid. Mr Warner and the whole staff are very good at promoting discipline while being encouraging. I would highly highly recommend monroe martial arts to anyone.

    - Allison R


  • I started going here when I was ten. I enjoyed it very much. Got my black belt with my younger sister and my dad a month later. Had a wonderful time training together and participating on the demo team. Instructors are nice and can be great friends along with being excellent teachers. I attended there 4 years. Now that I am a mother I can't wait til my son is old enough to start training! Takes a lot of work and effort but it pays off!

    - Google User

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